I began programming to satisfy a need to keep myself creative, and to help people with their programming needs.

My mission is to offer businesses and individuals help with their programming needs.

In the years that I’ve worked as a freelance programmer, I’ve amassed a variety of experience through web programming, web design and marketing.

The varied nature of my experience in the programming and design industry has created a unique yet marketable dimension to my programming.

My attention to detail in every aspect of my business creates a high quality product which is tailored to the specific needs of each client.

I always welcome the opportunity to hear from new clients to discuss potential projects and assignments.


      Why Hire Me?

  • I have many years experience as a freelance programmer.
  • I have excellent programming skills.
  • I am a well-organized person and give great attention to detail.
  • Can meet strenuous deadlines.
  • Experienced in website programing and  website design.
  • You'll enjoy working with me and be pleased with the quality of my work.